Saturday, August 9, 2014


In our lives we come across many people who become friends,best friends, BFF, Facebook friends etc..But did u ever wonder how actually we meet a friend ..A friendship always starts with a SMILE
.He /she are complete strangers but a smile brings togetherness of assuring a hand is there to help ..Every august there are lot of  friendship cards ,hand bands,SMS distributed a lot ..but any one did wonder how it would be to go to a friend whom u haven't spoken for a long time and is far away from u and gave him a hug ..that will always bring the smile which was given in the start of friendship's never late to bring a smile ..the month of August if filled with friendship have fun bringing smiles ..Belated friendship day wishes ..but happy friendship month :) 

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Uma Anandane said...

Apt is nature's gift to humans :)

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