Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eid Mubarak

“The Lord, who gave to us sovereignty
Who gave us wise heart and a strong hand?
Who guided us in awarding equity and justice?
And drove from our thoughts all save equity
His description is higher than the range of thoughts
Exalted is He, God is Great.”
- Akbar
Eid mubarak
may god bless all of you, shower blessings over you !!

Monday, September 29, 2008

H said its my turn and I am lost with ideas
what am I doing on smiley tissues , I hardly ever smile and my funny bone is sarcastic and I wondered what "smile" is all about and I can't help but bring "Me myself" tone here
Does a smile makes a difference?
Yes it does ! Does it spreads a radiance . Yes it does.
I was sitting on outside a baggage collecting office in a city I am visiting. I was broken inside , worried , but I am poised and matured lady in the eyes of the world. There were no tears in my eyes, no "I lost" look. I never knew what will calm my mind. AN elderly stranger came up to me from nowhere. He puts a hand on my head and smiles at me so affectionately and tells me "No worry my daughter, everything will be fine soon. Smile !"
And I wondered how I understood that he spoke in a different language
But as they say "smile " is language in itself and compassion needs no syllable to be understood:)
I never knew why I smiled back, may be I laughed at the whole situation , but it indeed told me somewhere to value smile :) It spreads and you can never run short of it.
!:) well Who is not bankrupt by grief here!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

This Made My Day....Darth Puppy! :)

I hope yours too!

I got this here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

:) Smiley Tissues (:

Priya is her Name

She has lot of Fame

I would like to have a photo of her which i could Frame

She is light of hope in my life of Game

without her sometimes i become Lame

People are put to shame

when they read her views and her aim

sometimes i feel she is like a dame

i am happy that she came :)

She is cuty

And also a beauty

Whose heart so softy

She is such a sweety

And guess what ,she is so naughty

And her name is keshi

And I hope she would be friend of me for the eternity (:


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Smile :)

A fleeting touch, a sweet word to ease the pain
Like the soul-cleansing feel of a very first rain

From one hand to another, from heart to heart
A smile once given can never drift people apart

In today's times when peace seems to be scarce
We could do with some laughter without a farce

It's infectious this sugar-free sweet called a smile
Why not wear one as we walk life's many a mile?

And in case you need a tissue to dab those tears
Remember we are here to soother those fears

Come join us in this journey of life's simple joys
And let's spread some cheer with one big voice

*Image SMILE by kaytea-e

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