Thursday, November 20, 2008


You know, what I’d like to see,
A smile on your face, staring back at me,
Your laugh, like bells, ringing in my ear,
Making me smile, through even a tear

Your smile makes me, in memories ensnared,
Back to those days, when we played without a care,
When neither rain nor shine, kept us apart,
Those good old days, when our friendship did start

Your smile takes me, back to those days,
When we fought for reasons silly, dreams we did chase,
When we studied, played, had so much fun,
Those good old days, when our friendship had begun

Your smile, even now, means the world to me,
It does make the world seem so free,
Through the clouds, the sun would shine,
The world maybe miserable, but I’d feel fine

Smile for me, my dear friend,
Lost in your smile, let me a moment spend,
Your smile, would make me smile too,
Another smile, that brings joy to you.

Pic: Google Inc.
PS: I couldn't think of a better title. If you can, plz let me kno!!


ANWESA said...

lovely!!i cant think of a better title!it made me nostalgic..

lukkydivz said...

now u smile too ;)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

:-) that indeed gifted a smile!

A P A Я N A said...

smile is best title. i didn't get any other title and the post is superb.


Priya Joyce said...

title.."smile does wonders"

niice post

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