Sunday, February 1, 2009

KEEP SMILING.....!!!!!

Carry a smile, all the while

World is sad enough, harder and tough
Your smile can bring a little change
It may bring the joys to atleast some

If no one reacts, nor atleast hears
If no one seems to notice and care
Still, with you caring little heart
Your smiles, give them all again

A smile can travel around Earth
And get for you those special returns
When all the world is smiling, and then
Lift your chin high and keep smiling..!!!!


Phoenix said...

wow yams this is the most splendid poem about smile and in the right palce too.. beautiful!

V. Archana said...

very nice yamini.

Hemanth Potluri said...

beautiful :)..


Alice said...

Maybe, it is right that smile shall make ppl live longer..

Love it, ur poem!!^^

Margie said...

I'm smiling:)
Your poem made me smile:)
Nice one!


Aparna Ravi Kumar said...

nice pics and nice poem..

bless you

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