Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The fools day!

Hey, wishing all a very happy fools day!! its the craziest month which is back.. friends, if u have fooled anyone or been fooled by someone, do share it here thru comments!! lets share the funny moments!!

cheers to all.. and this is ma first post here!
gr8 to be one among u all..!


Priya Joyce said...

nice post swetha :)

y trying to fool :P do u hav a keyboard with F13 ;)

wishing u the same tc

yamini meduri said...

hey swetha welcome to the world of smiles...!!!

Happy fools day to u too..!!

except the funny fool sms's nothing happened my side..!!!

Anonymous said...

bleated wishes of bhondupana day :P

humanobserver said...

nice post. thank god. No body fooled me on this day.

Femin Susan said...

Happy fools day to u too..!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

Belated Wishes to all :P...well it was a long story i will cut it into short for ya...i was told that i will be fooled one called me and suddenly a mail that thnks for waiting :P u have been fooled lol :P....well the day was fun always :)..


Anna said...

I am really borrrrrrriiinnnng, lol. Nothing happened to me. Anna :0

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