Sunday, October 12, 2008

Double Trouble

Have you ever tried talking on two phones at once...??
I was talking on the landline with my sweetie. About an hour into the call, my cell goes tring...!! I look to find its the caterer I had hired. The smart thing would have been ask one of them to wait a bit, and attend one call...but oh no, I had to go try talking to both of them simultaneously.

Caterer: Hello Mr.V, I called to check if you wanted any change in the menu for the function(some puja).

Me: No. No change.

Sweetie: So, what else? Are we meeting for lunch? (I'd said yes 20 mins back, didn't u hear me!!?)

Me: Ya dear, our usual one o'clock.

C: Are you sure? You said you might change it. I need to know for sure. (I said no, right?? Keep the phone moron!!)

M: Yeah, I'm sure.

S: Ok. Did I tell you I had my hair cut last week? (Oh boy, of all the silly questions to ask. I see her daily, as if she'd let go of such a topic on the second day itself!!)

M: Yeah you did. Its very nice. guys/gals get the drift. I am in two way hell here, and to make matters worse, the bell rings to tell me someone's at the door. With one phone to my shoulder, and the other in one hand, I somehow get to the door. Some salesman. I hate salesmen. I put both phones down, and try n get rid of him. Persistent as they are, he kept trying n trying till I got steamed and banged the door at his face. I flopped down on the couch, picked up the phone.

M: Hey sweetie, I got another call. Could I call you back later??

To my shock,
Caterer: WHAT?? What did you say sir?

Bas, Vinay flat. Luckily enough, the caterer was my friend's mom. She was able to understand my predicament and didn't cancel.

Moral: If I ever get a job as a telephone operator, I need lots and lots of practice!! :)


lukkydivz said...

LOL :D you dint mention the caterer being a lady until the end!

imagine the look on her face when she heard SWEETY from you ;)

ur friend's mother calls you MR. Vinay and SIR? Strange ;)

comfortably numb said...

juggling is an art gets perfected thru practice, keep practicing:D

Solitaire said...

LOL!! Too funny!!
Such things happen to me all the time. I wonder how we all get ourselves into such situations.

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