Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Disclaimer: This post is going to be a long one. and after reading this post if you start talking in rhymes then don't blame us. Smiley Tissues would not be responsible for it. :p

How many of us can ever forget the nursery rhymes that we have learnt in our super childhood days? The moment we have kept our very first step in school, the rhymes have become a part of our life. While growing up we lost our touch with this cute li’l things of life but once in a while when life gives back those rhyming memories, we have no choice but to feel happy and thus the smile spreads.

On this auspicious occasion of Diwali I have become the proud member of smiley tissues and I promise to do my every bit to spread happiness and smiles.

This post marks my entry in into the smiling world of smiley tissues. And what better topic I can choose other than rhymes which are conjured up by me, Hemu and Lena. It all started from a comment of mine in the latest poem of Hemu and on orkut some cute n sweet rhymes were created by us. Read on! I bet these rhymes will take u back to ur innocent kindergarden days.

My commnt on Hemu's poem ":D" : what a crakling rhyme it is! :) Hemu! pls tell me the secret abt how cud u write such sweet n cute rhymes?.. i promise i won't tell anyone. :p

Now straight from our orkut scrapbooks

Hemu: do u want to know the secret :P

Preeti: very much. tell me tell me quickly :D

Hemu: heheh soo curious huh!

Preeti: too much. any doubt :p

Now the rhyming starts.


"I rite with a flow..
to see people glow
it should not give a blow
but I am quite slow
when I feel low" :)


"My mind cant be in rest
until my rhymes become d best.
but Lena says dont haste
coz Hemu will always be d best."


"when u call me dear
i have nothing to fear
i feel happy to be near
i think ur like a teddy bear
growing every year."


"dear dear

m ur teddy bear

when friends r near
dont drink beer."


"i dont drink beer
dont be soo jeer :P..
dont even leer
i am just peer
not a seer
and dont change the veer."

While we both were rhyming nonstop, lena was doing nothing excpt laughing. Thus hemu decided to rhyme abt lena.

Hemu to lena :

"Dreaming to fly to the other side
do u by chance need any ride
i am always here to aide
we will try a boat on a tide
by all our friends on the side
and the boat being very wide
so there is no place to hide
so get ready to vide."

Preeti: waaaaaaaaaaa........ it's simply fabulousi am jealous hemu. i am jealous.
Hemu: y r u jealous?



"m not jealous.

but u r marvelous"

Hemu: who me marvelous ..heheh...thnks u soo much :P


"y thnk u so much?

wen thru rhymes we cn kp in touch."

lena’ reply to Hemu,

"Who told you i am going to hide?
why should i if there are friends to give ride?
Keep wondering with your eyes open wide
when i show you the gem of the other side.
Right now you have though to decide
whether you want to know where happiness reside."


"u dont have time
i feel like a mime
all around me is rime
and i like to lick a lime :P..
this is wat i can rhyme."


"i dont have time,
is it a crime?
give me the lime
because it is mine.
ohh... sorry its licked
i couldnt predict
that this is conflict
for rhyming addicts"


"u come over to rock
i will call hancock
dont try to mock
please put on a sock
otherwise i am goin to lock"

lena ....

"i'm going to sleep
and you try to keep
yourself not asleep
before you lick the lime thrice
thats my advice."

After so much of rhyming, now Hemu is all tired.


"Hemu dear, dont get tired
else u will be fired
n in ur place i will be hired"

At last Lena rhymes for me:

"we are sweet
and we dont cheat
one day we will meet
in indian heat
on a beautiful street
each other to greet."

And then we all went to sleep with eyes full of rhyming dreams. :)

Last but not the least:

"khushiyo se apna jeevan sajay
Smiley Tissues ki taraf se
aap sab ko Diwali ke dhero shubkamnay ":)



Lena said...

me not rhyming anymore :D
but that was fun!
Thanks for posting this, sweets :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

nothin can be sweet then this :)....omg we created a book of rhymes :P...hehe..in future we will have it made a book of smiley's :)..all rhymes by us :P..hehehe...

preeti dear the first post of u in here was marvelous :)..it just rocked....

sooo sweet of u dear :)....u made my diwali more rocking :)...

lena dont stop rhyming now :P..hehe its quite fun :)...

Our friendhip is soo cool
i want to jump into a pool
get cold and wrapped in wool
now dont try to sool
with the help of a tool
and make me a fool :P...heheeh...

thnks dear preeti once again and wish a very Happy Diwali :)..


Anonymous said...

that was some fun,
gr8 rhyming u have done,
hemmzy, i told u u were a marvellous one!!
preeti, as usual gr8 sense of rhyme,
how do u do it, brilliant every time.
lena, u may not be rhyming anymore,
but when u guys do, tell me for sure,
asking for tips, i shall come to u all,
how to rhyme with a smile, and have a ball!!!

ps: awesome fun that was!!! :D
this post rocked...!! happy diwali to u all...

CяŷştąŁ said...

What a rhyming spree this was..

Rhyming ain't a crime
You guys can rhyme so well in no time
Lets hit the music,and jive.
And some body please give me a hi-5
I feel like hitting somebody with a lime
OH mahn! What a pity it is,that I jst cannot rhyme! :P

lukkydivz said...

me not rhyming too :D i suck at it!!

some great work by some great great poets of blogger :D

Jessica said...

That was awesome! LOL

Priya Joyce said...

hehe kya rhyming hai..it was gr8 fun reading it...

Vinz aka Vinu said...

just amazing...
enjoyed this post..totally..!!


yamini meduri said...

welcome to the new heart taht will spread the happiness and cheer....

a great talent of hemu, preethi and lena...so fast and so good rhyming....every line makes sense and every word is moulded so nicely that it never seemed like its a long post.....

keep the good work going guys....all the very best

belated happy diwali to all the bloggers here

Twisted Elegance....stupid brilliance said...

One request! Plz don't publish these! LOL LOL LOL

ishqia said...

gr8 post.. every one getting poetic like me.. hahaha.. hemu gr8 going

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