Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reason to Smile

How can one smile such sweet smiles,
When one is so saddened by sorrows for miles,
How can I smile the same smiles,
When life brings me nothing but tears,
I wondered for so long,
What reason you had to smile that long,
To keep smiling though troubles come,
And still remain sweet and silently overcome,
It's such a mystery to me,
Your smiles from heaven with glee,
I adore and yet envy thee,
But I'd rather you smile those at me,
I feel happy when I see you smile,
Even if I'm sad and lonely,
Your smiles bring me somewhere,
I don't even know where,
But it was you,
You gave me the reason to smile,
To smile with no reason,
To smile for a smile,
I guess life is just like that,
We need not a reason to smile,
For a smile is the reason itself,
To rejoice and open-heartedly give thanks,
I learned to smile because of you,
Because your smiles bring me joy when blue,
It proves how well and powerful,
A simple sweet smile can become so beautiful,
Smile for the sake of a smile,
Smile for the sake of happiness,
Smile for the sake of life,
Smile because of hope left in life,
Smile my friends,
Smile for me my Love,
Smile those same sweet smiles,
Smile so the world can be a peaceful dove...

Hay Hemz! Thanks for that sweet smile that you brought it back on ma face... Thanks buddy.


Hemanth Potluri said...

see aparna ...i told u a small smile can make a big diffrence ...u rote wondefull poem to spread a lot of smiles in us....ur first post on smiley was too good to spread a cheer in us ..
Have a gr8 weekend all of u :)..


V. Archana said...

nice one :)

A P A Я N A said...

@hemanth: thats true.. smiles a lot as it cost nothing..

@archana: thanks for commenting.


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

More than 28" smiles"! Mate shall i recommend u 2 de guiness? :-) nice work mate!keep smilin

joiedevivre said...

more smiles
n more more smiles

A P A Я N A said...

@kochu: me a guniess??? i dont think so. thanks for liking. cheers.

@joiedevivre: keep smiling. cheers


Priya Joyce said...

this is a very beautiful piece gal..loved to go thru it..
hey it has a blooming smile in every line...I meen the whole piece..has a lot smiles all around..
gud work aparna.

Diana said...

I smiled while reading every line of this poem....good work gals.

Keep smiling.

Diana said...

I smiled while reading every line of this poem....good work gals.

Keep smiling.

A P A Я N A said...

@priys and diana: thanks a lot for liking it..


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